What is hex bolts?

custom hex cap screws and hex botls
custom hex cap screws and hex botls

Hex Bolts – Can refer to either a “bolt” or a “cap screw” HHCS – Hex Head Cap Screw (also an abbreviation for Heavy Hex Cap Screw) HRB – Hardness measured on the Rockwell B scale.

Stainless steel hex bolts & hex cap screws
Stainless steel hex bolts & hex cap screws

Hex bolts are one of the most commonly used standard or custom fasteners. They are available in three standard strengths or grades and in shank diameters ranging from ¼ to 4 in. The hex head offers greater strength, ease of assembly and torque application, and more area for the manufacturer’s identification than a square-headed bolt.

What is the function of a hex bolt?

Hex bolt head with thread screw tip for use in wood. Rock bolt – Used in tunnel construction to stabilize walls. Sex bolt or Chicago Bolt – Bolt that has a male and female part with interior threads and bolt heads on either end.

What are the disadvantages of hex bolts?

The main disadvantage is just as Troy said, they are higher profile than other types of fasteners. Also, the tools used to tighten them generally take up more room. They require either a wrench (needs a significant amount of space), or a socket (still can be tricky to fit in tight spaces).

Brass hex bolts & hex cap screws
Brass hex bolts & hex cap screws

Which type of thread is used in a hex bolt?

A hex bolt, or nut, can use a huge variation of threads. They are dependent on being metric, SAE, or a number of strange variants of those. They can be “fine”, or “coarse”, and the thread count will vary with size as well.

custom hex bolts & engineering bolt
custom hex bolts & engineering bolt

What tool would be used to tighten a hex bolts?

A hex key is a tool used to tighten and loosen a screw or bolt, that has a hexagonal depression in its head. The tool may also be called a hex wrench, Allen wrench, hex-head key, zeta wrench, Alum wrench, or Inbus key. These are used in both consumer and industrial assembly, but are often associated with self-assembly kits sold to consumers, particularly furniture kits. The first hex key was developed in 1911.

Heavy hex bolt & hex cap screws
Heavy hex bolts & hex cap screws

How to Measure Hex Bolts

Place the zero end of the measuring scale against the bottom of the hex head, and read the scale to determine the total length of the bolt…
Measure the unthreaded portion of the bolt. This is the shank length and must be the same on the replacement bolt to insure the proper tensile rating is maintained.

Custom hex bolt & hex cap screws
Custom hex bolts & hex cap screws

Measure across the threaded end of the bolt to determine bolt diameter…
Using a thread gauge, determine the threads per inch. If a thread gauge is not available, count the threads in the first inch of the hex bolt…
Note any markings on the bolt head. These are the symbols denoting the hardness grade of the bolt…

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