Nose-pressing aluminum strip for medical masks – by stamping process

aluminum stamping parts for medical masks
aluminum stamping parts for medical masks

KN95 / N95 medical masks, disposable medical masks, etc. are all in short supply of medical supplies in 2020. Our stamping equipment specializes in processing aluminum strips for medical masks. As a medical supplies, stamping aluminum strips is a kind of medical masks accessories.

Stamping Aluminum strip for N95 / KN95 medical masks

The special stamping parts of nose-pressing aluminum strip for this kind of mask is produced by stamping machine. The nose-pressing aluminum strip has uniform wire diameter, smooth surface, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and good toughness. Using high-speed stamping, the punching speed can reach 1500SPM, high production efficiency, stable quality, stable performance and high efficiency!

Mask aluminum strip material is industrial pure aluminum, used in FFP2, FFP3, KN95, N95 medical mask (DIN, GB…), smooth appearance, longer life, good toughness, and high strength and so on.

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